Correct a Damaged Category

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You may find your categories demonstrating abnormal behavior, which may include not displaying properly in reports, disappearing from transactions, or unable to edit or delete the category itself.


Ensure your Quicken program is on the latest release, then validate your data file.

If you suspect that a category has become damaged in your data file then you can follow some simple steps below to repair the damage:

  1. Go to the Tools Menu.
  2. Click on the Category List.
  3. Click on:
    • In Quicken 2011: the Options drop-down menu, and select Manage Categories.
    • In Quicken 2010 and older: Add Categories.
  4. Click on Mark All.
  5. Click the Add Button.
  6. Click on OK.

This will be rebuild the category list.  If you are still seeing issues with one or more categories then follow the steps befoe to rebuild that category:

  1. Go to the Tools Menu.
  2. Click on the Category List.
  3. Click on the New button.
  4. Create a new category similarly named to the category that is broken.

    Example: If ABC category is broken, then create a new category called CBA.
  5. Go to the Edit Menu.
  6. Go to Find & Replace and choose Find/Replace.
  7. Change the Look In drop down selection to Category.
  8. Type in the name of the broken category in the Find field and click Find All.
  9. Check of any transactions with the broken category in the list that is displayed. If all the transactions listed have the broken category then you can choose Mark All.
  10. In the Replace drop down menu, select Category.
  11. In the With field choose the new category that was created.
  12. Click on Replace.
  13. Once complete you can delete the broken category and rename the new category to a more appropriate name.

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