Creating Reports and Graphs

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Video Instructions

For video instructions on creating reports, see our Quicken Video University: Running Reports page.  

Creating Reports or Graphs

  1. Go to the Reports dropdown in the top menu bar. You will find various standard reports. You can select one of these or you can go to Reports & Graphs Center.

Creating Reports and Graphs

  1. In the Quicken Standard Reports list on the left, click the section you want.

Creating Reports and Graphs

  1. Select the report or graph you want. Quicken displays the settings you can adjust before you create the report.
  2. Select the date or dates you want the report or graph to include. If the date range you want isn't in the default list, you can select Custom dates and specify your own. The date range controls which transactions Quicken uses while creating the report or graph. When ready, click Show Report.

Creating Reports and Graphs


Customize Reports or Graphs

  1. Click Customize to modify the report or graph. Here you can make changes to several settings such as Accounts, Categories, Payees etc.
  2. To display the report, click Show Report or Show Graph.
    • The Show Graph button appears only when a graph option is available. Not all reports can be displayed as graphs.
  3. Click Save Report to save the report or graph. (Optional)
  4. When a report is saved, you can see it listed under My Saved Reports. You can also right-click the report you have saved for more options (such as Delete).

Creating Reports and Graphs

You can also access different options when viewing the report. These buttons can be found in the upper right corner of the report window.

Creating Reports and Graphs

  1. Print
  2. Export the report (you can export to other programs such as Excel)
  3. Save
  4. Find and Replace
  5. Customize
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