Decide whether to enter year-to-date information when setting up a paycheck

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Do you want to enter year-to-date information for this paycheck?

You could just start tracking your paycheck from today forward. However, if you're starting in the middle of the year, and you intend to use Quicken tax planning tools for the current tax year, it's a good idea to enter summary paycheck information for this year's prior pay periods.

Enter year-to-date information if you plan to use the Tax Planner or create tax reports or import Quicken data into TurboTax.

What to enter in the Year-To-Date Amounts window

In the Earnings, Pre-Tax Deductions, and Taxes areas, Quicken displays all the items that you've already added to Paycheck Setup. Click any value you want to update with the year-to-date value. If you want to add an item that's not currently displayed, click the Add Earning, Add Pre-Tax Deduction, and Taxes buttons

What if I change my mind later?

If you decide later that you'd like to take advantage of the Quicken tax planning features, you can retroactively edit the Tax Planner to include year-to-date tax information from your paycheck.

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