Duplicate Transactions or Accounts Downloaded in Quicken Mac

 You may find duplicate accounts or transactions in your Quicken Mac program if one of the following conditions has occurred:

  • You have Deactivated then Reactivated your account(s) with the financial institution
  • Your financial institution has changed the format for returning the Financial Institution Transaction ID (FITID) in a Direct Connect account

Reactivating an Account Causes Duplicates

When reactivating your existing account(s) in Quicken Mac, you should be prompted to Add, Link or Ignore the accounts found at the bank using your credentials. If you accidentally chose Add rather than LINK, you can end up with duplicate accounts.

  • Solution: Deactivate the duplicate/new account, then delete it. Follow these Reactivate instructions, making sure to carefully LINK the accounts.

Reactivating an account also has the potential of creating duplicate transactions in the existing account. Quicken will automatically retrieve the most recent 90-days of transactions from the financial institution, including those that have already been downloaded.

  • Solution: Delete the duplicates from the account register.

Your Financial Institution Changed Their Format for FITID

This can cause duplicate transactions to download, because Quicken flags previously downloaded transactions by the FITID as a mechanism to prevent duplicates from downloading. When that FITID changes on existing transactions and theiy're transmitted to Quicken, Quicken has no way of knowing that they're really duplicates of previously downloaded transactions.

  • Solution: Delete the duplicates from the account register.

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