Edit a Rental Property in Quicken Home & Business

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You can modify the information about a rental property any time. Quicken displays the information that is already available, and you can modify any of it if necessary.


  1. Click the Rental Property tab.
  2. Click the Properties button and choose Show Property List.
  3. Select the property you want to edit.

Why can't I see my rental property in this list?

If you selected the Hide property check box in the Edit Rental Property dialog, Quicken does not display rental properties in the Property List. Select the Show hidden properties check box to view all hidden properties.

  1. Click Edit.
  2. Make the necessary changes. If you have entered transactions for a multiunit property, Quicken does not let you assign a property type that has fewer units. This is to protect the data you have entered.

Can I switch from multiunit property to single unit property?

  • You can switch from multiunit property to single unit property only if you delete all its units.
  • You can delete a unit only if there are no transactions associated with the unit, and if all units are vacant.
  • To delete a unit with transactions, you must either delete all transactions or associate all transactions of the unit to its property. By deleting transactions, you lose historical data. So, we recommend that you associate all transactions of the unit to its property, and then delete the unit.
  • To delete a unit associated with tenants, you must first associate the tenants with a different unit or property, and then delete the unit.

How do I associate transactions of a unit to its property?

Edit the transactions and select the property tag instead of the unit tag.

  1. Select the Hide property check box if you want to hide the rental property.

Why should I hide a property?

Hide your rental property to protect your historical data. Don't delete a property just because you don’t want to track the real-world rental property anymore. Instead, you can choose to hide that property.

Quicken hides the name of the rental property in the Rent Center, the Profit/Loss page, Property List, the Mileage Tracker, and the Tax Schedule, and Schedule E reports, and the list of properties shown on the Enter Rent, Enter Expense, and Enter Other Income dialogs. However, Quicken retains all historical rental property transactions along with their original rental property tags.

  1. Click OK.
  2. Repeat these steps for all properties you want to edit.


  • To edit a property or unit, you can also click Properties on the Rent Center page, choose Show property list, and then click Edit.
  • If you change the property name, you must rename the house account too.
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