Error 101, 102, or 103 While Adding an Account in Quicken for Mac


You may receive one of the follow messages while attempting to add an account in Quicken for Mac:

  • Error: 101 Add
  • Error 101 Connect
  • Error: 102 Add
  • Error 102 Connect
  • Error: 103 Add
  • Error: 103 Connent


Error 101, 102, or 103 are displayed when a bank is selected that is unavailable; or you have changed your sign-in information with your financial institution and the new credentials are not carried over to Quicken.

Use the Go To Bank feature to log into your bank's website

To use the Go To Bank button:

  1. Open Quicken.
  2. Choose the Accounts Menu > New, then select the account you want to create.
  3. Choose your bank from the list and click Continue.
  4. Enter your sign-in info and click Continue.
  5. If you get the error again, click Go to Bank.
  6. At your bank's website, try to log in. Then navigate to the transactions in one of the accounts you're trying to add.

What if I could sign in to my bank's website?

If you could sign in and you could see your latest transactions at your bank's website:

  1. Close the browser window that contains your bank's website.
  2. Back in Quicken, click Yes, I could see my latest transactions.
  3. Enter the same sign-in info that just worked at your bank's website.

What if I could not sign in to my bank's website?

If you couldn't sign in from the website that opened when you clicked Go To Bank, it's possible that your bank is simply unavailable for a short time. You can choose to wait a few hours to one day and try again.

However, the next thing to do is to try bank names similar to yours. This would be necessary if two accounts you usually access from the same website are available under different names on our list.

For example, from the USAA website, you might see your USAA checking and mortgage accounts listed together. But from within Quicken, you may need to:

  • Select USAA Bank to add your checking account.
  • Select USAA Mortgage to add your mortgage account.

Here's how to find bank names similar to the one you last chose:

  1. Close the browser window that contains your bank's website.
  2. Back in Quicken, click No, maybe I chose the wrong bank name.
  3. If you see another variation on your bank's name, click it, and try signing in.

ERROR 103: Advanced Solution

This error occurs when there are outdated login credentials stored in Quicken for Mac and/or the Keychain App. To resolve this condition for both possible causes:

  1. Open Quicken for Mac ;
  2. Go to the Accounts menu and choose "Hide and Show Accounts";
  3. Uncheck any accounts with this specific financial institution (FI) that are hidden in List;
  4. When complete, click the Settings button on each account with this FI;
  5. Under At Your Financial Institution section click on Troubleshooting.
  6. Click on Deactivate Downloads.
  7. Click Save.   
  8. When finished with all accounts in your file that connect to this FI, Quit Quicken;
  9. Open Finder and go to Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access app;
  10. Looking in Keychain = Login and Category = Password, find and Trash any entries that show Quicken or Quicken Connect and this FI name;
  11. Quit the Keychain Access app and open Quicken;
  12. Select your primary account with this FI to re-link. Click on "Set up transaction download" in Settings.
  13. At the bottom of the window that lists the financial institutions, click the "My bank is not listed" question mark icon;
  14. When the list finishes Updating, it should display the current date. Click the Show List button to continue;
  15. Type the name of this financial institution and make the appropriate selection, then enter your login credentials and click Continue;
  16. When Quicken has returned all accounts discovered for this FI, very carefully LINK each of the found accounts to the appropriate account you already have setup in Quicken.