Error 108 While Refreshing an Account in Quicken for Mac


You might receive the follow message while refreshing an account in Quicken for Mac:

Error 108


Error 108 occurs if your bank's website requires an action from you, such as accepting new terms or updating your account infomation.


IMPORTANT: The following instructions may need to be completed using a different browser or a different computer than the one you normally use to sign in to your bank's website. This may be necessary because your bank's website may be asking extra questions that you won't see unless you're trying to sign in from a new browser or computer.

  1. Run Quicken.
  2. Select the account that had the error you reported.
  3. Click on Accounts menu > Update Selected Online Accounts.
  4. If you still see the error message, click the Resolve button.
  5. From the error page, click the link to your bank's website and try to sign in. Try to navigate to individual transactions and answer any questions that appear.
  6. If you couldn't sign in to your bank's website, it may be temporarily unavailable. Please try again in several hours or a day.
  7. If you were able to sign in to your bank's website and you encountered no special prompts or questions, please come back to Quicken and try to update one more time.

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