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When using online services, you may encounter the following error: CC-509.


This error usually occurs when your financial institution requires you to change your password. Some financial institutions require their users to change their passwords after a certain number of days or require a password change when inappropriate activity is suspected.


Log in to your financial institution's website and change your password. Some financial institutions require their users to contact them for a password change. After changing your password, update the information in Quicken.

To update the Password Vault

  1. Go to Tools > Password Vault > Add or Edit Passwords...
  2. Select your financial institution and click Change Password.
  3. Enter the new password in the two corresponding fields.
  4. Click Change then click Done

Once the passwords have been edited, do a One Step Update.

Refresh Branding and Profile

  1. Choose Tools menu > Online Center.
  2. Select the financial institution you want to update from the Financial Institution dropdown menu.
  3. Press CTRL+F3 on your keyboard and click Contact Info.
  4. Select the financial institution you want to update, and click Refresh. The branding and profile information will be listed under current status as "needs updating."
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Update/Send, enter your PIN, and complete the update to get the latest branding and profile information for this financial institution
  7. Repeat the steps above for all financial institutions you're getting the error for.

If the issue persists 

Deactivate and Reactivate the account

To Deactivate the Account
  1. Open the Account List (Ctrl + A).
  2. Make sure to Show Hidden Accounts, if that option is available.
  3. Click Edit next to the account your having a problem with.
  4. Click Online Services and Deactivate the account.

What if Quicken tells me to accept downloaded transactions before deactivating online services?

Quicken will not deactivate online services if you have not accepted all downloaded transactions. Verify that you have accepted all transactions.

  1. Repeat steps 3 & 4 for all accounts linked to the financial institution reporting the error.
  2. Close/Reopen Quicken.

Note: If your financial institution charges a fee for online services in Quicken, you need to cancel the services by contacting your financial institution. Deactivating the account in Quicken will not normally stop the service fee.

To Reactivate Account

  1. Open the Account List (Ctrl + A).
  2. Click Edit next to the account.
  3. Click Online Services and Set up now...
  4. Enter your bank credentials using your newly changed password.

What if it's not accepting my credentials?

Try using a notepad and type your password. This way you can have full visibility over your password.

  1. Carefully review the Discovered accounts and Link them properly, to avoid duplicate accounts and ensure transactions download to the correct accounts.


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