Error When Printing to a PDF File: The PDF driver cannot be found

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This error occurs if the PDF printer driver was not installed properly when Quicken was installed or the driver is not compatible with your operating system. This issue has been resolved for Windows XP64-bit users in the latest release of Quicken.  Update to the latest release.

If you are in the latest release of Quicken and still get this error, follow the procedure below.

  1. Log in to your computer as Administrator. If you are unable to log in to your computer as an Administrator, contact your system administrator for assistance.
  2. In Microsoft® Windows® Explorer® (right-click on your Start button, choose Explore), locate the Quicken folder on your computer.  By default, the Quicken folder is installed in C:\Program Files\Quicken\. 
  3. Open the PDFdrv folder.
  4. Double click the install.exe file.
  5. In the Amyuni Document Converter window, verify the printer was installed.
    1. If the printer was installed, continue with step 10.
    2. If the printer was not installed, and you receive error code 126 or 1797, continue with step 5.
  6. In Windows Explorer, locate the C:\Windows\System32\wbem folder.
  7. Select the framedyn.dll file.
  8. Choose the Edit menu > Copy.
  9. Open the C:\Windows\System32 folder.  You should still be in the wbem folder at this point, so click back, or one folder up to get to the System32 folder. 
  10. Choose Edit menu > Paste to copy the framedyn.dll file in to the System32 folder.
  11. In Windows Explorer, locate and open the C:\Program Files\Quicken\PDFdrv folder.
  12. Double - click the restorePDFdrv.bat file.
  13. Open Quicken and print to a PDF file to verify this functionality works.
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