Error When Using Online Services: OL-301

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The OL-301 error occurs when there is an issue connecting to the financial institution while using Direct Connect. The situation may ultimately require the financial institution to implement a solution.

If you have updated from a recently discontinued version of Quicken to the latest release

You will need to refresh branding and profile settings. If you haven't upgraded from a recently discontinued version of Quicken, continue to the section below.

  1. In Quicken, select the Tools menu, then choose Online Center.
  2. Click the Financial Institution dropdown arrow and select the financial institution.
  3. Press CTRL+Shift while selecting Contact Info.
  4. Select one of the accounts associated with the bank from the dropdown list
  5. Select Financial Institution Branding and Profile from the list and click Refresh.
  6. Click OK and go online by clicking the Update/Send button.
  7. Attempt your online session again.

If you have NOT updated from a recently discontinued version of Quicken to the latest release

You will need to contact your financial institution for assistance. Quicken does not have access to the financial institution's servers to be able to correct the problem.

This may require you request to speak with an online services specialist that handles transaction download issues at the financial institution.  If your financial institution states they can't assist, an escalation with them may be necessary. 

If this error occurs when trying to send an online payment

If you're able to update your accounts without an error, but you're unable to send a payment (through Quicken Bill Pay or your bank Bill Pay via Direct Connect), make sure the payment date is allowing enough time for the payment to be sent. If that doesn't resolve the issue, you'll need to contact your bank to make sure you're properly enrolled in their bill pay service.  

To find the contact information for your bank, open Quicken and go to Tools > Online Center and click Contact Info at the top of the window after selecting your bank's name.


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