Error When Using Online Services: OL-359 or OL-350

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You may receive one of the following messages when attempting to delete an online payment:

OL-350 or OL-359


These errors occur when you are attempting to delete online payments that do not exist on your financial institution's server. This generally happens when your financial institution has recently merged or started using a new server. If you have not completed the merger steps before the old server is disconnected you will receive these errors. You can force delete these payments from within Quicken.

You should contact your financial institution to verify the payment information on the financial institution server matches what is in Quicken. If the payment information does not match, you may miss payments or make duplicate payments.

Deleting One-Time Online Payments (for OL-350 only)

  1. Open the account register the payment is in.
  2. Select the payment you would like to delete by clicking it and then click Delete at the top of the register.
  3. Click Yes on the "Delete Current Transaction" prompt.
  4. Quicken displays the following message:

    "This is an online payment that is due on [payment date]. To delete it choose Edit menu > Transaction > Cancel Payment, then send it from the Online Center."

    Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and click OK.

    Note: The exact wording of this message varies by Quicken version.

  5. Quicken displays a message, "Do you want to delete the transaction anyway?" Click Yes to this message.

    Note: The exact wording of this message varies by Quicken version.


Deleting Recurring or Repeating Online Payments

  1. Select the Tools menu and select Manage Bill & Income Reminders.
  2. Click the Repeating Online tab.
  3. Select the repeating payment you want to delete by clicking on it.
  4. Press and hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard and click Delete at the top of the scheduled transaction list.
  5. Quicken displays the following message:

    "This will delete your payment instructions from Quicken. It will not send instructions to the payment center to stop making the payments. You should only use this on the advice of Quicken Technical Support."

    Note: The exact wording of this message varies by Quicken version.

  6. Click OK.


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