FAQs: Updating your subscription product to the latest release

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Quicken subscription products no longer have large yearly releases; instead of purchasing and installing a new product, as long as you have a subscription, you’ll have all of the latest Quicken features and fixes.  


How does it work?

Quicken subscription products now have regular product build releases, to provide smaller feature enhancements and resolve issues that our members report. There are also year/version releases, which are larger releases and may include brand new features. When you go to Help > About Quicken, you’ll be able to see the YearVersion, and Build Release of your product.  


How do I know if I’m on the latest version?

You'll be prompted in Quicken to update to the latest release versions as they’re available, both for incremental and larger releases. Just download and install the release when prompted. You can also double-check by going to Help > Check for Updates.

FAQs: Updating your subscription product to the latest release

A prompt similar to the one pictured here will appear when an update is available.


How can I download the latest release?

You can download the Mondo patches here.



Why am I prompted for an activation code when I try to update my version?

It could be the Quicken ID:
If you’re prompted for an activation code after installing an update, it could mean that you’ve registered your Quicken file with a Quicken ID that’s different from the Quicken ID you used when purchasing Quicken. If you go to Edit > Preferences > Quicken ID, Mobile and Alerts, you can see the Quicken ID associated with your file, and verify that you can see your purchase under that Quicken ID on Quicken.com. If you need to change the Quicken ID associated with the file, just click Sign in as a different user and you can log in with the correct Quicken ID. You can see more detailed information here.

If the issue persists, temporarily disable your anti-virus and firewall:
The anti-virus and/or firewall on your system could be blocking Quicken from running properly. They will need to be disabled or have the settings updated to include Quicken as a safe program.

If you do not know how to update these settings, please contact your anti-virus/firewall provider.

If this doesn't resolve the issue, try starting your computer in Safe Mode.

What if I need to upgrade to the Subscription Release?

If you are still using Quicken 2017 or older, you will need to download and install the Subscription Release of Quicken to use connected services (such as transaction download). If you have purchased the Subscription Release of Quicken and need help installing it, click here.


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