Handling Downloaded Transactions

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After Quicken downloads your transactions, you can review the transactions before entering them in your register in a matching process called Compare to Register.

Compare to Register gives you the opportunity to choose what to do with each downloaded transaction. For example, is it a new transaction? Or should it match a transaction that has already been entered into the register Compare to Register helps keep your registers accurate. 


  1. Open the register of the account you want to work with.
  2. Below the register, make sure that the Downloaded Transactions tab is selected. What if I can't find the downloaded transactions tab?

Handling Downloaded Transactions

  1. Review each transaction in the Downloaded Transactions window.
  2. If the transaction is marked New or if it is correctly matched with a corresponding register transaction, click Accept.
    You can edit new transactions once they are accepted into the register (for example, to add a category or memo).
  3. If you need to modify a downloaded transaction, use the Edit button that appears below the transaction when it is selected.
    • For transactions that should match an existing register transaction but do not:
      • If the selected transaction is not currently marked as Matched, but should be matched to one or more transactions already in your Quicken register, click the Edit button and then choose Match Manually. Quicken opens a window to allow you to select one or more transactions.
        If you select more than one transaction when manually matching, Quicken will enter a split transaction in your account register with a single line for each selected transaction and a line for the difference in amounts, if any.
    • For transactions matched in error:
      • If the selected transaction should not match any other transaction but is Matched, click the Edit button and then choose Make New. Quicken changes the transaction's status to New.
      • If the selected transaction may match another transaction, click the Edit button and then choose Unmatch. Quicken attempts to match the transaction again. If no transactions are close enough, Quicken changes the transaction's status to New.
    • If you do not want to enter a downloaded transaction in your register Select the transaction, click the Edit button, and then choose Delete.
  4. When you have finished accepting transactions, click Done.

Common Questions

Can I accept all my transactions with one click?

If everything appears correct in your downloaded transactions list, you can click Accept All to accept all transactions into your Quicken register.

Can I undo accepting a transaction?

You can undo only the action of accepting multiple transactions (for example, if you clicked Accept All but later changed your mind). To do this, click Undo Accept All (you may need to first open the Downloaded Transactions area if it has been minimized; click the double arrow icon below the balance area of your register to do this).
Undo Accept All transactions is available until you close Quicken or download additional transactions into the account in question.

You cannot use Undo Accept All with:

  • Transactions that have been accepted individually.
  • Compare to register for online payments.
  • Compare to register for investment accounts.

How Does Quicken Determine Match or New?

Quicken uses very basic criteria to determine whether a downloaded transaction is New or should be Matched to an existing transaction in your register:

  1. Downloaded ID, to see if the transaction has been downloaded previously or not. This Downloaded ID is compared to the <FITID> or <Transaction_ID> in the downloaded data.
  2. Date + Amount + Payee, to see the newly downloaded transaction matches one that was manually entered into the account register prior to the download.
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