How To Add A Company Logo or Address to a Form in Quicken Home & Business

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  • Add a company logo
    1. Open an existing form layout, and then, in the list of items on the left, click the double arrow to the right of Logo.
      Quicken displays the Print Logo dialog.
    2. Click Print Company Logo.
      Quicken displays a check mark to the left of Print Company Logo.
    3. Select whether you want your logo to appear on the left or in the center of the layout.
    4. To specify which logo to use, click Browse, navigate to your logo file, select it, and then click Open.
      Graphic files must be in bitmap format (have the extension .BMP).
    5. Click OK.
      Quicken puts a check mark in the box to the left of Logo, and your logo appears in the layout. You can move and align the logo just as you can any other layout item. To resize a logo, click and drag a corner.
  • Add a company address
    1. Open an existing form layout, and then in the list of layout items on the left side, click the double-arrow next to Company Address.
      The Company Address dialog is displayed.
    2. Click Print Company Address.
    3. Enter your company's address in the space provided.
    4. Click OK.
      The box to the left of Company Address is now checked, and a dotted line in the layout indicates where your address will appear. You can move, resize, and align the address just as you can with any other layout item.
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