How To Add an Employee Stock Option Grant to the Quicken Security List

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Use this procedure to add an employee stock option grant to the Quicken Security List, for both nonqualified (NQSO) and qualified (incentive, or ISO) stock options.

Before you start

Add a brokerage account that you will use to track only your stock options. When prompted to add securities, choose Employee Stock Option and follow the on-screen instructions.

  1. Open the account you want to use.
    Quicken displays the account. If the transaction list is not displayed, click the Transactions tab at the top of the account window.
  2. Click Enter Transactions.
  3. In the Enter Transaction list, select Grant Employee Stock Options.
  4. Click Launch Wizard. Quicken may not display all the fields described below, depending on the security type you add and how much information Quicken can download for you.
  • Which stock does this option allow you to purchase?
    1. Select the appropriate option:
      • If this is an employee stock option for a security you already own or track, select A stock I already track, and then select a stock from your Security List.
      • If this is an employee stock option for a security you do not already own or track, select A new stock, and then enter a security name and ticker symbol. (If you don't know the security symbol, you can click Look Up. (Internet access required.)
    2. Click Next.


    Quicken tracks the price of the security and the option. Quicken sets up an "Option" in your Watch List to track the option. If this is a security you do not track already, Quicken adds it to your Watch List, too.

  • Set up an employee stock option
    1. Select the appropriate option:
      • To set up a new employee stock option grant, select Set up a new employee stock option, and then enter a new option name. To distinguish this option from the actual security for which it is held, we recommend using the word "Option" somewhere in the name.
      • To set up a new grant for an option you already track, select Set up another grant for an option you already track, and then select the name of the option.
    2. Click Next.
  • Which account will you use to track this grant?
    1. Select the appropriate option:
      • To use an existing brokerage account to track this option, select An existing investment account, and then select the account name.
      • To add a new brokerage account to track this option, select A new account, and then enter a name for the new account.
    2. Click Next.


    To simplify your record keeping, we recommend dedicating an account to be used solely for tracking your employee stock option grant.

  • What day were the options granted?
    1. Grant Date: Enter the grant date. This date is determined by your employer.
    2. Grant Number: Enter the grant number provided by your employee stock option plan. (Optional)
    3. Click Next.
  • What type of employee stock option grant is this?

    Identify the type of options you have been granted.

  • Enter the shares and exercise price
    1. Number of shares: Enter the total number of shares for which you have been granted options.
    2. Exercise Price: Enter your exercise price.
    3. Click Enter.
  • What is the vesting schedule?

    Your entries on this page are determined by the vesting schedule outlined in your employer's stock option grant. If you do not know the answers to these questions, see your stock option grant information or check with your employer.

    Quicken uses this information to enter "vest" transactions in your investment transaction list.

    1. Length of vesting period: Enter the duration of the vesting schedule, that is, the number of months from the grant date until you are fully vested in your stock options (when all your options will be available for exercise).
    2. First vest percentage and date: Enter the percentage of shares available for exercise on your first vesting date, and then enter the first vesting date.
    3. Vesting dates: Enter the monthly increment at which you vest in additional shares after your first vest date.
    4. Click Next.
  • Does the grant have an expiration date?
    1. Enter the expiration date, if any, of your options.
    2. Click Next.
  • Review page

    Use this review page to make sure your previous entries are correct.

    1. If you want to change anything, click Back until you get to the page that contains the information that you want to change.
    2. Click Next.


    After you set up your employee stock options, you can see them at any time in the investment transaction list and in Security Detail View.

  • The security has been set up
    1. Click Yes to add more securities, or click No if you're finished for now. You can always return to Security Setup later to add more securities.
    2. Click Next.
  • Download historical prices and asset classes

    If you entered a ticker symbol for this security, Quicken lets you download security prices and asset classes now. (Internet access required).

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