How To Create an Invoice in Quicken Home & Business

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You can use an invoice to bill a customer upon completion of a job or at the time of a sale.

  1. Choose Business menu > Invoices and Estimates > Create Invoice.
  2. In the Customer field, enter the name of the person or firm with whom you're dealing, or select the name from the list.
  3. In the Project/Job field, enter the project/job name, or select the name from the list. The names of closed projects/jobs do not appear. (Optional)
  4. Select a layout from the list. Quicken displays the layout you last used.

Note: The Invoice and Estimate dialogs in which you create specific invoices or estimates are for data-entry purposes only. They contain the same fields as, but may not accurately reflect the appearance of, your customized form layouts. Don't worry. Your form will appear correctly when you print or e-mail it.

  1. In the Bill To area, enter the bill to name and address.
  2. If your form displays the Ship To field, enter the ship to name and address, or, with the cursor in the top line, press the ' (apostrophe) key to copy the information from the Bill To area.
  3. Quicken displays today's date, but you can change it using the pop-up calendar or by typing over it.
  4. If your form displays the Due Date field, enter the expected date of payment. For example, if payment is due on receipt, enter today's date. The default due date is the invoice date + 30 days.
  5. If your form displays the P.O. Number field, enter the customer's purchase order number for tracking purposes. (Optional)
  6. In the Item field, click the down arrow to display a list of available invoice items. Select an item from the list. Quicken fills in the category, description, and rate or price based on what you specified when you created the item.
  7. If you charge sales tax for this item, Quicken displays a T in the T (taxable) column. If you want to turn tax tracking off for this item, click in the taxable column

Note: The first time you enter an item on an estimate or invoice, Quicken creates an account named *Sales Tax* to track the tax you charge your customers.

  1. In the QTY field, enter the quantity of items you're selling.
  2. In the Customer Message field, select a message from the drop-down list, or enter a new one. (Optional)
  3. If this invoice contains any taxable items, enter a tax rate in the Tax field. The rate should be of the form xx.xx (for example 8.25, not .0825). The percent sign is not required.
  4. At this point, you can either e-mail the estimate or invoice to your customer, or print and mail it. (Optional) 
  5. Click Save and New to record the transaction and open another form for you, or click Save and Done if you're finished entering invoices or estimates.
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