How To Customize the Investment Portfolio View

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In addition to the security name, you can select from over 80 different column headings to customize your Investment Portfolio View. You can customize and uniquely name up to seventeen views. Follow this procedure to customize your views:

  1. On your keyboard, hold down Ctrl+U.  This will take you to the Portfolio view.
  2. Click Customize View on the Portfolio toolbar to display the Customize Current View window.
  3. In the Name field, confirm that you are customizing the correct view. The name for this view can be changed by typing the new name into the Name field.
  4. To add a column to the view, select the heading under Available Columns, and then click Add. This will move it into the Displayed Columns list.
  5. To remove a column heading, select it in the Displayed Columns list, and then click Remove.
  6. The order in which columns appear in the Portfolio View can be changed by selecting the column heading in the Displayed Columns list, and then using the Move Up or Move Down buttons. Headings at the top of the list will be displayed first in the Portfolio View.
  7. Verify that the accounts to be displayed are selected in the Accounts To Include section and that the securities to be displayed are selected in the Securities To Include section.

Additional information about customizing the Portfolio View can be found by clicking the Help button in the Customize Current View window.

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