How do I add a currency to the Currency List?

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After you set up Quicken to use multiple currencies, Quicken provides a Currency List that you can use to associate a currency with an account. The Currency List contains most major currencies. You can edit the list, add other currencies, delete the ones you don't use, and update the exchange rates of the ones you use frequently. A currency must be listed in the Quicken Currency List before you can use it in your Quicken accounts.

  1. Choose Tools menu > Currency List.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter the name of the currency.
  4. Enter the currency symbol and the three-digit International Standards Organization (ISO) currency code.
  5. Assign a one-letter shortcut to each foreign currency to give you a quick way of entering foreign currency amounts in your register. For example, assign S as the shortcut letter for Swiss francs. (Optional)
  6. Enter the exchange rate for the currency, shown in the dialog as Amt per $ / $ per Amt. The exchange rate is the number of foreign currency units equal to one unit of your home currency (U.S. dollars).

    • Quicken calculates the inverse exchange rate and fills in the other exchange rate field.

    For example, if your home currency is the U.S. dollar ($), and you're adding support for Swiss francs, an entry of .85 means there are .85 Swiss francs to the dollar. Or, you can enter the inverse rate; that is, the number of units of your home currency equal to one unit of the foreign currency. Whichever rate you enter, Quicken calculates and displays the other rate for you.

  7. Click OK.


When you click OK, Quicken adds the new currency to the bottom of the Currency List.

When a Quicken file contains accounts in different currencies, the Account List displays the currency symbols for these accounts in the Balance field.

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