How do I create investment reports

Quicken's investment performance reports and graphs can help you evaluate your investment portfolio and the price histories of your securities. Among other things, you can find out how well your securities are performing, view trends in the prices and market value of a particular security, view the annual total return for a specific security during a particular time period, see where your assets are allocated, and see a convenient report of all your investment transactions.

To see how your investments are performing, create an investment performance report or graph.

Most investment actions have a category associated with them. If you clear either the action or its corresponding category in the report, their transactions will be excluded.

  • View a table of investment actions and associated categories
    Category Action
    _DivInc Div, DivX, or ReinvDiv
    _IntInc IntInc or ReinvInt
    _LT CapGnDst CGLong, CGLongX, or ReinvLg
    _MT CapGnDst CGMid, CGMidX, or ReinvMd
    _RlzdGain Sell or SellX, or Buy or BuyX if you short the security
    _ST CapGnDst CGShort, CGShortX, or ReinvSh
    _DivInc TaxFree Div, DivX, ReinvDiv on a security that is tax-free
    _IntExp MargInt
    _IntInc TaxFree IntInc, ReinvDiv on a security that is tax-free
    _EmpStkOptInc Employee Stock Option Inc Exercise, ExerciseX



The _UnrlzGain and _Accrued Int categories have no corresponding actions. Transactions categorized as _UnrlzGain can appear in a report if the price of a security changes. You can use the _Accrued Int category with MiscExp, MiscInc, MiscExpX, or MiscIncX transactions. The _MT CapGnDst category and its associated actions applied to the 1997 tax year, when medium-term holdings were possible.

Quicken relies on accurate and complete data to derive reliable performance measures. To view certain performance measures, it may be necessary first to replace placeholder entries with complete historical data.

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