How Do I Edit and Delete Downloaded Investment Transactions

What if you've entered some transactions manually, and now you've downloaded your broker's record for the same transaction? What if your broker has a Buy transaction for a security that you haven't entered in your Quicken Security List yet? Quicken gives you a chance to match downloaded transactions to the ones in your investment transaction list, or even to delete them. You can double-check for errors, but in most cases all you need to do is click Accept. 

  • Fix a near match transaction
    The fastest way to fix a near match is simply to accept it into the investment transaction list. Quicken then overwrites the list transaction with the downloaded transaction and marks it as cleared. In most cases, the downloaded transaction will be the most accurate. If you want to find the difference between the near match and your list transaction yourself, do this:

    1. In the Downloaded Transactions list, select the near match transaction.

    2. Compare the downloaded transaction to the highlighted transaction in the transaction list above to find the difference between the two.
    • Why is this happening?
      The most likely reason for a near match is a difference in the commission amount or the share price.

    3. Edit the list transaction to match the downloaded transaction.

    4. With the downloaded transaction selected, click Accept.

    • What happens now?
      Quicken changes the status of the matched transaction to Accepted.
  • Fix a new cash transaction in a Single Mutual Fund account
    1. In the Downloaded Transactions list, accept the new cash transaction.

    2. Then, in the Add New Cash Transaction dialog, select one of the following:
    • Select Create a transfer from another account to identify the transaction as a transfer from another account. Select an account from the drop-down list.
    • Select Neither to identify the transaction as a transfer from within this account. No cash balances will be changed.

    3. Click OK.

  • Delete a transaction I shouldn't have accepted
    1. In the investment account transaction list, select the transaction you want to delete.

    2. Click Delete.


    Be sure you no longer want the transaction before you delete it. Once you accept a transaction, Quicken removes it from the Downloaded Transactions list. If you later delete it from your transaction list, it is gone from both the transaction list and the Downloaded Transactions list.

    Also, a Quicken transaction often contains historical information that you can't easily reproduce. If you need to recover a deleted transaction, refer to your paper statement, or contact your financial institution for the necessary information.
  • Match securities
    The Match Securities dialog appears only if you've downloaded a security that Quicken is unable to match to one of your existing Quicken securities. (Quicken automatically matches a downloaded security if it has the exact same name or ticker symbol as one of your Quicken securities.)

    All downloaded securities must be matched before Quicken can compare downloaded transactions to your transaction list and identify new and matched transactions.

    1. Compare the security listed at the top of the Match Securities dialog to the securities listed in the field and look for the same security. (For example, the downloaded security labeled Intuit Inc. might be the same as Intuit.)

    2. If you find the same security (with a slightly different name) in the field:
      • Click Yes.

      • Click Next.

    If you don't have a security in your Quicken list that's the same as the downloaded security, click No.

    • What happens now?
      Quicken creates a security for you with the same name as the downloaded security. You can change the name if you want. (Quicken accepts security names of up to 30 characters.)

    3. If there are no more securities to match, click Done.

  • Fix an incorrect security match
    If you think that you've matched a downloaded security incorrectly, you can undo the match:

    1. Click the Investing tab.

    2. Click the Tools button, and choose Security List.

    3. Click the name of the security that's been incorrectly matched.

    4. Click Edit Security Details.

    5. In the Edit Security Details dialog, clear the Matched with online security check box.

    6. Click OK.


    You should unmatch a security only if you think the security has been matched incorrectly. (For example, you downloaded a new security, ABC Corporation, and in the Match Securities dialog, you indicated that ABC Corporation is the same as My ABB Stock.) After following the above procedure, you'll be able to match this security correctly the next time you compare downloaded transactions.

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