How do I edit my budget on the Quicken Mobile App?

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Important: Budgets in the mobile app have been temporarily disabled. We're working to add these back to the Mobile App, but in the meantime, there has been no change to the budgeting tools in the desktop app.


With the Quicken Mobile app, you can update your Budget from your mobile device.  Quicken will automatically update your budget numbers in Quicken the next time you sync the mobile app to your desktop.


To edit your budget on the Quicken Mobile app:

  1. Open the Quicken Mobile app
  2. Tap Budgets on the Overview screen (you'll only see your budget here if you've already synced a budget from Quicken desktop.  You can select which budget to sync on the Mobile & Alert tab in Quicken desktop)
  3. Tap the pencil icon next to the budget category you want to update
  4. Drag the Budget amount up to increase the amount budgeted, or down to decrease it.
  5. Click Done


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