How do I Make a Credit Card Account Payment

If you track both your checking and your credit card account in Quicken, record your credit card payment as a transfer from the checking account to the credit card account. If you have online account access for the account from which you're making the payment, it's quick and convenient to handle the payment electronically.

Make a payment from a checking account

  1. In the checking account register that you're using to make the payment, find the new transaction line.
  2. Change the date if necessary.

    • Tips about entering a date
      You can enter a new date directly over the date Quicken puts in the Date field. You don't have to type the slashes. You don't even have to type the year, because if it's the current year, Quicken entered it already.
  3. In the Num field, enter the check number.
  4. In the Payee field, enter the name of the credit card company.
  5. In the Payment field, enter the amount of the payment.
  6. In the Category field, select the matching credit card account from the drop-down list.

  7. Click Save.

    • What happens now?
      You still need to print and mail your payment. Quicken enters a matching transaction in your credit card register.

Make a payment online

  1. Choose Tools menu > Online Center
  2. If necessary, choose the financial institution where your credit card is held.
  3. Click Payment Information.

    • What is Payment Information?
      Once each month, your financial institution calculates the minimum payment due and sends that to Quicken with the payment due date. This window contains that information.
  4. Click Make Payment.
  5. Review the latest payment information that was downloaded with your last monthly credit card transactions.

    • How does this relate to my paper statement?
      This window, plus your downloaded credit card transactions, provides the same information you receive on your paper credit card statement. It's a good idea to compare these transactions to your paper statement and to check against the paper statement for your balance due.
  6. Confirm the amount you would like to pay, or change it by selecting one of the other payment options.
  7. Select Online Payment.
  8. Make sure the account you've selected as a payment source is activated for online payments.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Click Update/Send to send the payment instruction.
An overview of paying bills in Quicken is available.
Quicken can be set up to automatically detect transfers as they are downloaded. To learn more, see Transfer Detection preferences

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