How do I Order Checks and Supplies for Use with Quicken

Follow these steps to order checks, forms, and supplies to print with Quicken—you need to purchase special checks that you can feed through your printer. You can't print checks on regular paper or on the checks supplied by your financial institution.

The Intuit Checks website provides a description of the available check styles and colors. All Intuit checks fit in Intuit double-window envelopes. Both your address and the payee's address appear in the windows, eliminating the need to address envelopes.

Intuit checks are printed to the exacting standards of the American Banking Association and are approved by all banks, savings and loan institutions, credit unions, and brokers in the United States and Canada. When you order personalized Intuit checks, Intuit prints your name, address, account number, bank name, check numbers, and any other information required by financial institutions.

All Intuit checks are triple guaranteed. We guarantee that:

           Your bank will accept your checks.

           Your checks will work with your Windows-compatible printer.

           Your check order will be printed exactly as you submitted it.

1. Choose Tools menu > Write and Print Checks.

2. In the Write Checks dialog, click Order Checks.


Some older printers (such as the HP ThinkJet) can't print close enough to the edges of the page to print checks.

To set up a check reorder reminder, choose Tools menu > Alerts Center. The Check Reorder Notice is found in the Banking section of the Setup tab.


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