How do I print a check?

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You can print checks with Quicken on both page-oriented printers (including laser and ink jet printers such as Hewlett-Packard LaserJet and Inkjet printers) and continuous-feed printers.

Printing a partial page of checks

If you use standard or wallet checks in your page-oriented printer, you'll sometimes find that a partial page of one or two blank checks remains after you've finished printing. You can start printing on that partial page the next time you begin to print checks.

If your printer won't print checks properly from the envelope feeder (or doesn't have an envelope feeder), try positioning the checks in the paper tray with the top of the check touching the rollers. You might need to order forms leaders from Intuit.

1. If you haven't prepared your printer, set it up now.

2. Open the account you want to print checks from.

3. Choose File menu > Print Checks.

4. Insert the checks in your printer just as you would letterhead.

5. In the First Check Number field, enter the first check number.

6. Select which checks to print.

  • What are my options?
    • All Checks: Prints all unprinted checks, including postdated checks.

    • Checks Dated Through: Prints all checks up to a specific date. The default date shown is the current date. You can change the date by entering a different date in the field provided.

    • Selected Checks: Allows you to select the checks to be printed. After you select this option, click Choose.

7. Click Done.

8. Change the check printing options. (Optional)

  • Tell me more about the printing options
    • Check Style: Select the type of checks you're printing: standard, voucher, wallet, or Check 21 image compatible wallet.

    • Checks on First Page: Select this option if you're printing a partial page of checks on your page-oriented printer. Click the button that shows the number of checks on the first page.

    • Print Your Logo: Select this option if you created a BMP, JPG, or PNG format logo to print on the checks.

    • Additional copies: If you're printing multi part voucher checks, you can print up to three additional copies. This option is available only with page-oriented printers.

9. Click OK.

  • What is Print First?
    Click Print First to print only the first check out of the group of checks that you selected. Use this option instead of printing a test check when you're fairly sure everything is aligned correctly and ready to print. 

10. Answer these questions if they appear:

  • Did the Check(s) Print OK?
    • If they did, click OK.

    • If they did not, enter the number of the first incorrectly printed check and then click OK. Examine your printer to see if the checks jammed or the printer ran out of checks. If the text on your checks is not aligned correctly, adjust the alignment.


  • Printing a partial page of checks
    To print a partial page of checks on your page-oriented printer, select the Checks on First Page option in step 8. Then, click the button that shows the number of checks you want to print.

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