How do I reconcile more than one month at a time?

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If you've used Quicken for a number of months and have just decided that you want to reconcile, or if you used to reconcile an account and have not done it for several months, you need to go back and reconcile your Quicken account with the bank statements for the months you skipped before you start to reconcile the statement for the current month.

Quicken reconciles one bank statement at a time. If you have two or more bank statements that need reconciling, start with the earlier statement and reconcile each one individually. If you were to add up all the previously reconciled transactions in your register, you would find that the total equals your bank statement's opening balance.

If you haven't reconciled your Quicken account for a number of months, you can approach reconciliation in two ways.

Method #1 (recommended)

Balance each month separately, starting with your earliest statement.

Method #2

Balance all the unreconciled statements at the same time. Your records may not be as accurate as they would be if you reconciled each month separately.

  1. Open the account you want to reconcile.
  2. Click (Account Actions icon), and then choose Reconcile.
  3. In the Ending Balance field, enter the ending balance from the most current statement.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Mark the transactions shown on all the statements for the period covered by your Quicken checking register.
  6. If there's a difference, you can let Quicken enter an adjustment transaction so that your records will match the next time you reconcile the account.
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