How do I tag a transaction

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You can tag any transaction, including one that's already categorized, or one that transfers funds between accounts.

  • Tag
    Another way of labeling your transactions in Quicken. You use tags to specify where, to what, or to whom your transactions apply. For example, you can see the total cost of a vacation by tagging just the transactions in your checking account that apply to the vacation and then customizing a report for the tag.
  • Assign one tag to a transaction
    1. Open the account you want to use.

    2. In the register, click the transaction's Tag field (to the right of the Category field).

    • I don't see a Tag field
      In a register transaction, the Tag field is located beside the Category field, but it can be hidden. Check the Register preferences to make sure it's turned on.

      If you still don't see a Tag field, enter the tag in the category field as described in the Notes below.

    3. Type the name of a tag, or click the arrow to select one from a list.

    4. Click Save to record the transaction.

  • Assign two or more tags to a transaction
    1. Open the account you want to use.

    2. In the register, click the transaction's Tag field (to the right of the Category field).

    3. Click the arrow to the right of the Tag field to display the Tag drop-down.

    4. Click the Multiple Tags button.

    5. Select the check boxes of the tags you want to apply.
    • Why would I use more than one tag?
      Tags allow you to filter your data from multiple perspectives (for example, in reports). Each tag represents a different way of classifying the information.

    6. Click Save to record the transaction. 


For split transactions where the same tag would apply to all the split items, use the first procedure above. If individual split items need different tags, see the next paragraph.

The tag field is available to use in the register and in the Splits dialog (as described above), but not in an investment transaction list, or in a transfer form. Enter a tag in these areas of Quicken by typing a slash (/) in the category field following the category name, and then enter the tag (for example: Dining/Hawaii trip). You can separate multiple tags with colons (for example: Dining/Los Angles trip: Rental property business). This works the same way as manual entry of classes and subclasses in earlier Quicken versions.

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