How do I work with Savings Goals

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Edit your savings goal if you need to change the amount of money that you want to save.

In most Quicken reports, the balances of your bank accounts don't include the money you've contributed to your savings goals, because a savings goal account is considered an asset account. However, a net worth report will show you how much you've saved toward your goal. Also, Quicken can generate a report of all the contributions made to a savings goal.

After your savings goal account has served its purpose, you can easily delete it. Quicken removes all the transfer transactions from any accounts from which you contributed, unless you choose to keep the associated asset account when you delete the goal. If you have no more savings goals, your accounts will once more display their true balances.

  1. Click the Planning tab.
  2. Click the Savings Goals button.
  3. Find the goal you want to edit, delete, or report on in the list.

    • To edit the savings goal
      1. Click Edit goal.
      2. Change the amount or finish the date of the goal. You can't edit the goal's name or currency.
    • To report on the savings goal
      Click the gear icon next to the goal name and choose Register Report

      The report shows the opening balance and all the transfers into and out of the savings goal account.
  4. Quicken asks if you want to keep the asset account for your records. Click Yes to delete the goal, but not the asset account. Click No to delete the goal and the account. In either case Quicken returns the funds to their source accounts.


Keeping the asset account for your records is useful because you can continue to run reports on the savings goal activity.

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