How To Edit Repeating Online Payments

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Depending on your financial institution, you may be able to change the amount and number of payments remaining for a repeating payment series. If you change the amount or duration after an instruction has been sent to your financial institution, you must send the changed instruction to replace the original one.

To edit a repeating online payment:

  1. Click on Tools (Online in older versions) on the top menu bar, choose Online Center.
  2. Select your financial institution from the Financial Institution drop-down list, and then click Repeating.
  3. Click the Repeating Online tab.
  4. Edit payments by selecting the payment, and then clicking Edit.
  5. Enter a new amount or number of payments in the corresponding fields, and then click Authorize.
  6. Click Update/Send to send the changes to your financial institution.

Note: Most financial institutions do not allow a change of the Amount or Memo used on repeating online payments.  If your financial institution does not allow you to change these items, delete the repeating online payment instruction, create a new one, and then Authorize & send it.

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