How To Enter a Manual Spending Transaction (Quicken for Windows)

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Windows 2016
Windows 2017
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Most of the time you'll update your spending accounts by downloading transactions and balances directly from your bank. Sometimes you'll need to enter transactions manually into your account register.

  1. Open the account  you want to use.
  2. In the account register, go to the new transaction line directly by typing CTRL+N. (The new transaction line is typically at the bottom of the register unless a different sort order has been selected).
  3. Change the date if necessary.
  4. If this is a check, enter the check number in the Num field.
  5. In the Payee field, indicate who receives this payment or gives you this deposit.
  6. In the Payment field or Deposit field, enter an amount.
  7. Assign a category to the transaction.
  8. In the Tag field, tag the transaction. (Optional)
  9. In the Memo field, enter a note. (Optional)
  10. Click the Exp field to identify this transaction as a reimbursable expense. (Optional)
  11. Click Save.
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