How To Export Quicken Reports to Other Program Formats Such as Excel

You might want to work with your Quicken data in another program such as Excel. You can copy report information from Quicken and paste it into the other program, or you can export the report information from Quicken to another program.

To copy and paste report data to Excel

  1. Open the report you would like to copy.
  2. Select the Export Data drop-down menu at the top of the report and select Copy to Clipboard.
  3. Switch to your word processing or spreadsheet program.
  4. Position the cursor where you want the data pasted.
  5. Use the program's Paste command (usually it's on the Edit menu).

For more information about pasting the report data into another programs, consult the documentation for the other programs.

To export a report to a tab delimited text file

  1. Open the report you would like to use in another program.
  2. Select the Export Data drop-down menu and select To Excel compatible format.
  3. In the Look in list, select a location for the file.
  4. In the File name field, enter the file name.
  5. Click Open.

A tab-delimited text file is created with the name and location you specified. For information about viewing this file in Excel, consult the Excel Help system.

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Tip: To find out which version of Quicken you are using, open Quicken go to Help menu and select About Quicken.