How to Handle Bill and Income Reminders That Are Due

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Bill and income reminders make paying your bills a lot easier. When reminders become due, you can choose what happens next—Quicken can simply alert you, or Quicken can enter a transaction into the register for you automatically.

  • Tell me a bit more about how reminders work
    At startup, Quicken checks for bill and income reminders that are due or past due (that is, they have become due since the last time you used Quicken). If it finds any, one of two things will happen:
    • If you selected Automatically Enter when you created the reminder, Quicken enters it as a transaction in a register automatically, without asking you for confirmation.
    • If you selected Remind Me when you created the reminder, Quicken displays the reminder in several convenient locations where you can choose how you want to handle the reminder.

    How you choose to handle your reminders in one area is reflected in all other areas of Quicken, so work wherever you feel comfortable.

For each reminder that is due

There will be one or more of the following options available for each of your reminders. Simply choose what you would like to do.

  • Enter
    Click Enter (or Enter this reminder) to add the reminder to the register. You will have the opportunity to make changes, for example to the amount, as it is being entered.
    • Where is the Enter button?
      The Enter button does not appear:
      • If you told Quicken to Automatically Enter a reminder into the register when you set it up. If this is the case, you may see (Auto) displayed instead of Enter.
      • If you have selected a reminder in a register that is not the next reminder due. Reminders must be entered into the register in the order in which they are due.
  • Skip
    Click Skip (or Skip this one) to ignore the reminder this time but resume the normal schedule in the future.
  • Edit
    Click Edit (or Edit this instance; or Edit this instance and all future instances) to change the reminder. For example, you might want to change its schedule, or method of delivery.
  • Pay
    Click Pay to send an online payment instruction that was previously entered into the register. This option sometimes appears as Send in Quicken.
  • Go to Register
    Click Go to Register to edit a scheduled reminder that was previously entered into the register.
  • Print
    Click Print to print a check that was previously entered into the register.
  • Show Payment History (Stack View only)
    Click Show History to view the payment history of a bill or income reminder. This option is available only in the Stack View. (Choose Bills tab > Upcoming > View as > Stack.)

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