How to Import Historical Security Data Into Quicken

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Quicken allows you to import certain types of data, such as data from financial institutions,often referred to as "Web Connect" data.


Import security prices from an ASCII file

If you have an Internet connection, the easiest way to update security prices is to download them. Otherwise, you can import security prices from a standard, comma-delimited ASCII file.

  1. Choose Investing menu > Portfolio.
  2. Choose File menu > File Import > Import Prices.
  3. In the Import Price Data window > File field, enter the name of the ASCII file that contains the price data. The data must be in standard ASCII format with one symbol/price/date per line, separated by either commas or double spaces (using only one type of separator per line).

    The following import formats are acceptable:

    • ABC, 123.456
    • ABC, 123.456, 12/31/02
    • ABC 123.456 12/31/02
    • ABC, "ABC", 123.456, "12/31/02"
    • "ABC", "123.456", "12/31
  4. In the Date field, change the date information if necessary.
    If the file doesn't contain specified dates, import the prices to the date entered here. The currently selected date in Portfolio is the preset display in this field.Quicken matches prices with your securities if they have the same symbol. If your securities don't have symbols, you'll need to edit them first so they do.
  5. Click OK.


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