How to Manually Migrate Charles Schwab Accounts in Quicken for Windows

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Schwab is changing the way you access and download your account information into Quicken. You will need to perform the steps below to switch to the new transaction download method. 


First, install the latest Mondo patch:

Use this FAQ to download and install the patch.  

Second, deactivate your Charles Schwab accounts:

  1. Select the Tools menu and select Account List
  2. In the Account List, select the account(s) for which you want to deactivate online services, and then click Edit. You will want to deactivate the accounts with the financial institution showing as:
    • Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (or zz Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.)
    • Charles Schwab Bank, N.A. (or zz Charles Schwab Bank, N.A.)
  3. In the Account Details window, click the Online Services tab.
  4. Click Deactivate next to the service you want to disable.
  5. Click Yes to the message asking if you want to disable this service. 
    • Note: When deactivating a Direct Connect account, you may see an additional prompt advising you to contact your bank to cancel the Direct Connect service. You do not need to contact Schwab in connection with this change.
  6. Click OK to the confirmation message.  

Third, re-add the Charles Schwab accounts under their new instance:

  1. Go to Tools > Add Account.
  2. Select Charles Schwab & Co, Inc. as the name of the financial institution, and click Next.
  3. A browser window will open and prompt you to log in to Charles Schwab with your Charles Schwab credentials.
  4. A list of the Charles Schwab accounts available for download in Quicken will appear. Select all of these accounts and LINK them to your existing accounts in Quicken.

Lastly, review your transactions:

Because of the changes with this new transaction method, we recommend you review all your new transactions (the ones in the compare-to-register list or in the register with a blue dot next to them) for possible duplicates.

If you encounter a problem

You can find additional information in the Troubleshooting section of this FAQ

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