How to resolve Temp_Accounts?


Temp_ accounts are created when Quicken doesn't "understand" the account data it is receiving from your financial institution. This difference is most commonly Account Number, but may also be a changed account Nickname. Rather than drop the data, it creates a "Temp_" account and populates it with the transaction data it could not properly interpret.

TEMP_ also occurs when there is an interruption in the connection, as can occur on a system experiencing slow performance issues or an intermittent internet connectivity problem.


  • To resolve and combine:
    1. Open the TEMP_ account to display the register.
      • What if I cannot see the TEMP account?
        Click the dropdown arrow next to the One-Step Update icon (blue circular arrow) on the tool bar and  select One-Step Update and select the Temp Account.
    2. Select All desired transactions and choose to Move them to your current/preferred account register.
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        Move can be selected from either a right-click on the highlighted transactions OR from the Edit > Transactions menu at the top of the program.


    Be very cautious when following the Move step, to prevent getting duplicate transactions. You may want to delete any duplicates from the TEMP_ account before moving them to your existing account.

    Once you have moved the non-duplicates out of the TEMP account, you should be able to Delete that account from your Account List.

  • Validate and Repair
    1. Click File > FIle Operations > Validate and Repair.
    2. Check Validate file.
    3. Click OK.

If the problem persist, contact Quicken support.

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