How to start using Dropbox with Quicken

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What is Dropbox?

Similar to Quicken Online Backup, Dropbox is an online storage service and a great way to back up your Quicken file, along with any other files you want to save (pictures, documents, video, invoices, etc.). 

Quicken 2018 will include 5GB of free Dropbox storage space.

These FAQs should answer all your questions about using Dropbox with Quicken:

How do I redeem my free 5GB Dropbox offer?

How do I start using Dropbox?

Can I share my Quicken file between multiple computers using Dropbox?

How do I backup my Quicken file using Dropbox on Mac?

How do I backup my Quicken file using Dropbox on Windows?

How do I restore backup files from Dropbox?



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