IRA Transfers Fail to Appear on Tax Reports


Transfers to or from an IRA account using a Brokerage account don't appear on the Tax Schedule or Tax Summary reports.  These same transaction using a Banking account, rather than an Investing account, appear as expected on these reports.

Work-Around #1:

Record the Distribution in the "destination" account rather than the "source" account, when transferring those funds from the IRA account to another Investing-type account (example: Brokerage)

  1. Click on the Brokerage account
  2. Click in the Action field
  3. Select Deposit from the drop-down list
  4. Enter a Payee Name that reflects the IRA account and activity being recorded - example: "My IRA Distribution"
  5. Enter the IRA account in the Category field - example: [My IRA]
  6. Enter the amount of the transfer
  7. Click the Enter button
  8. Run the Tax report to confirm that your transaction now appears as expected.

Work-Around #2:

If recording from the "destination" account is undesirable, a "3-way transfer" could be used.  This involves transferring from the IRA account to a Banking-type (or Cash) account, then creating a new Transfer from the cash account to the Brokerage account.

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