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Quicken includes a number of reports to help you understand your spending and savings. You can also create custom reports that help you focus on specific areas. Reports appear in the Reports section on the sidebar.

Quicken always keeps your reports up to date. Whether you download or manually enter transactions, all affected reports are updated automatically.

Here's a list of the standard Quicken reports:

Accounts Summary

Compare your Asset and Liability totals, see your total Net Worth, and view account balances for Checking, Savings, Cash, Credit, Investing, and Property & Debt.

Category Summary

The Category Summary provides a breakdown of all your spending by category.

  • Use the Show me filter to specify the level of detail you want to see.

Last Month, This Month

This Month shows all your transactions for the current month, for each account, in a single place. For each account, the report lists any income, any scheduled expenses, and any other expenses. The Other Expenses section of each account helps you understand where your discretionary dollars are going.

Last Month works just like This Month, but for transactions from the previous month.

Spending Cloud

The Spending Cloud is a visual representation of how much you're spending in different categories and for different tags.

  • Each category or tag is shown in word form.
  • Bigger categories or tags mean you've spent more money in that area, relative to the whole. Smaller ones mean you've spent less.
  • You can hover the mouse over a category or tag to see a total, or click a category or tag to see all the transactions that are assigned to that category or tag.

Spending Over Time

The Spending Over Time report lets you see how your spending is changing over time.

Tax Schedule

The Tax Schedule report displays any tax schedule line items that you assign to your categories by Form or by Category.

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