Managing Payees in Quicken for Mac

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The Payee window (Window > Payees) helps you manage your payees and also allows you to run quick payee reports. You can add payees, rename them, merge similar payees, and hide the names you no longer want to see in your auto-complete lists.

Add Payees

On the Payee window, click the Add icon on the lower left side of the window. Specify an appropriate name for the payee. This payee will then appear as an auto-complete suggestion when adding transactions.

If you are adding online payees for Bill Pay transactions, refer to this section.

Hide Payees

You can hide the payee names that you no longer want to use. Simply select the required payee names and click the Minus icon on the lower left side of the window. You can also select the check box in the Hidden column corresponding to the payee names.

Hidden payees are not deleted or removed from transactions. They are just not displayed in the Payee window and do not appear as auto-complete suggestions when entering a payee name in your account register. If you ever change you mind and decide you want them back, just select the Show hidden check box on the lower right side of the Payee window.

Rename Payees

If you decide that you need a different payee name for easier identification, just select the payee and click the Edit icon on the lower left side of the window. Enter a new name for the payee. The new name will reflect in all the transactions that the payee is associated with.

Merge Payees

If you feel you do not want to maintain multiple payees for a similar expense; for example multiple grocery payees; you have the option to merge them. Simply select the payee names you want to merge and click Merge Payees. The selected payees will be merged and the payee name created first will be applied to the merged payee. This name will reflect in all the transactions that the merged payees are associated with.

You can then rename the merged payee.

View Payee Summary Report

The Usage column displays the number of times the payee has been used in transactions. Click this number to view the summary report for that payee. This report displays details of all the transactions that the payee is associated with.

  • Click the Customize button on the upper right side of the report to further customize the report by account, category, tag, or date range. You can then save it as a custom report.
  • Click on a specific transaction in the list to view the details of that transaction in the account register.

Note: The payees from hidden accounts will not be displayed in the payee summary report. However, their usage is added up in the usage count

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