Message: EWC-DC Mismatch (OL-238)

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This error, also labeled as an OL-238 error, means that some of your banking accounts may be set up with the wrong connection type, or the connection type may have changed.  The steps below should resolve the issue:

First, remove specific special characters from your banking password

Some of the special characters your bank may require in passwords aren't always supported by Quicken.  If your password contains these symbols: &, <, >, or / or \, you may receive this error in Quicken.  To change your password at the bank and in Quicken:

  1. Log in to your bank's website.
  2. Change the password for your account(s) with the bank to remove the unsupported characters.
  3. Open Quicken and choose Tools > One Step Update.
  4. Go to each account with the bank and click Edit.
  5. Click the key icon to the right of the bank's name.
  6. Enter your new password.
  7. Click Update Now.

If you don't have specific special characters in your password, or if the issue continues after changing your password:

  1. Click Tools > Account List
  2. Click the Edit button next to one of the affected accounts
  3. On the Online Services tab, click Reset Account
  4. Repeat steps 1 - 3 on each account you have with the affected bank
  5. Perform a One Step Update to confirm that the issue is resolved

If you continue to have the issue and you have Quicken Bill Pay:

This issue can also happen if you have a Quicken Bill Pay account with the same username or login ID as your bank account.  For improved security, and to resolve this issue, we recommend changing the login name for Quicken Billpay.  

Change your Quicken Billpay login ID

  1. Go to
  2. Login using your login credentials.
  3. Click My Profile at the top of the page.
  4. Click Change user ID link.
  5. Create your new login ID.

Reactivate Quicken Billpay using your new login ID

  1. Click Tools > Account List
  2. Click the Edit button next to one of the affected accounts
  3. On the Online Services tab, under Online Bill Payment, click Deactivate
  4. After deactivating Bill Pay, click the Reactivate option that now appears
  5. When prompted, enter your new bill pay login ID and password
  6. Follow the steps to complete the process of adding the Quicken Bill Pay account to Quicken.
NOTE: When you reactivate Quicken Bill Pay, your payment history will be restored to your Quicken file.  Please accept or delete each of these restored payments one at a time to avoid duplication in your register.

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