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Attempting to add a new account or activate an existing account for online services in Quicken for Windows may result in the account being presented in the Results as Ignore and Unknown Type

Why this occurs:

The account that is being transmitted by the financial institution is a type not supported in your version of Quicken

What happens:

How the financial institution chooses to classify the account in the OFX or QFX file (file format standards for transmitting financial information) they transmit may cause this issue to occur. The more common examples that cause this to occur are Certificates of Deposit and loans**.

When the Account Type is one not supported in the program, Quicken won't know what to do with it and will return Unknown Type in the account discovery results.

How do I identify if this is happening to me:

The OFX Log will show how the account is being transmitted, depending on the account connection being setup:

  1. Direct Connect (OFX) will display with the type shown in plain text. (ex: CHECKING is a supported type)
  2. Express Web Connect (QFX or scrape) will display followed by a numeric value. Supported values are:
    • 100 = Checking
    • 101 = Savings
    • 103 = Money Market
    • 200 = Credit Card
    • 201 = Line of Credit
    • 400 = Mortgage*
    • 401 = Loan*

How do I resolve this?

In this "unsupported account type" situation, you'll need to setup the account for manual entry.

**Quicken Windows 2013 is the first version to allow the downloading of Mortgage and/or Loan data.

The account is being transmitted by the financial institution with an account nickname that is not alpha-numeric

The most common cause of this are accounts that have a registered trademark in the account nickname, as displayed on the financial institution's website under your login.


  • CitiÆ Gold / AAdvantageÆ World EliteÆ MasterCardÆ
  • Citi ThankYouÆ Preferred Card ®
  • Wells Fargo DestinationÆ IRA
  • Wells Fargo Way 2 SaveÆ Checking
  • Complete AdvantageÆ Checking

This is not an "all inclusive" or comprehensive list and is only presented as an example of some of the account names that you may encounter.

How do I know this affects me?

Log into your accounts at the FI website and view the Nickname displayed for your account(s). If you see a registered trademark (R within a circle), trademark (TM within a circle) or copyright (C within a circle), you may have identified the cause of the Unknown Type in your file.

How do I fix it?

  • If permitted by your financial institution, edit the account nickname to remove those non alpha-numeric symbols.
  • If the financial institution doesn't allow the editing of the account nickname by the account holder, they may be able to do this through the customer service/support team. Go to Tools > Online Center and click Contact Info for the financial institution in question to get the method of contacting that team.
  • If the financial institution does not allow an edit of the account nickname, either by the account holder or through their support team, Quicken Support can request an escalation to our scripts team to craft a solution for your accounts specifically, until a more universal change can be implemented.**

**Script solutions can take as little as 48 hours or as long as three weeks (or more) to create and implement. During this escalation time, you will be requested to not attempt any type of activity with the FI & accounts in question, as any changes you make will void any work completed by engineering up to that point and all work must be restarted.

An error occurred when connecting to the financial institution that interrupted the data transmission of the discovered account

How do I know if this affects me?

The Connlog should show any error that occurred, typically in plain text but may also require finding a corresponding entry in the OFX Log. This behavior occurs most commonly with Express Web Connect account setup, but may be found to happen when connecting a Direct Connect account in some instances.

The Connlog may show a number preceded by CC- (ex: CC-105 or CC-899) in the line entry that is reporting an error has occurred. There may be no error number, but rather plain text reporting "Status not 'OK'". The time stamp of that error line would then be used to find the exact error in the corresponding OFX Log entry.

How do I fix it?

Contact Quicken Support for assistance in identifying the exact error and for instructions on resolving that error, if available.

Additional Solution Steps

NOTE: It is possible that there's a TEMP_ name OR blank Category appearing on the Category List that is preventing the setup from completing successfully. This TEMP_ name would not display under normal circumstances, as it's a placeholder entry that gets removed when the account is successfully Added or Activated in Quicken. To resolve this TEMP_ issue that may be causing a continuing error (ex: 324 or CC-506):

  1. Open the Category List (Tools > Category List or Ctrl + Shift + C)
  2. Select Show Hidden Categories (at the bottom of the list)
  3. Select the first Category on the All Categories list and arrow down one Category at a time to find any blank entry or [TEMP_] Category entry.
  4. Delete that entry. If you experience a problem deleting that entry, try using Ctrl + click the Delete button on-screen
  5. After the Category has been removed, close then reopen Quicken and retry your account setup.

If you continue to experience problems with the TEMP_  or blank Category, you should Validate your file (File > File Operations > Validate & Repair > Validate File) to make sure there aren't lingering account problems.

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