Message When Connecting to Bank Using One Step Update: CC-555

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When you perform a One Step Update in Quicken you may receive an error CC-555 (see example below).  This error indicates there is a connection error between Quicken, and your financial institution.  You will need to use the solution below as an alternate method to download your transactions into Quicken.

 Message When Connecting to Bank Using One Step Update: CC-555


This error message will be presented when the financial institution is blocking access to their servers, preventing Quicken from retrieving data to download to your file. Typically, these blocks are temporary in nature, as the financial institution makes changes to their website, server data center, or their service provider.

There are rare instances where the block is permanent, but the financial institution will continue to provide a QFX file that our mutual customers can download to partly automate the update process. For this reason, the blocking institution will be retained in the list of supported financial institutions to continue permitting that import.


Activate your account using Web Connect settings in order to download your transactions into Quicken.  To do so, take a look at How to Activate a Web Connect Account on our support website.

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