Message When Using Online Services: OL-362


This issue usually occurs when account information is out of sync with the bank server.  The information can become out of sync for a number of reasons.  Follow the troubleshooting steps below to help resolve the issue.


  1. Visit your financial institution's Web site, and then click the link on that site to download your Web Connect data into Quicken.
  2. If this is the first time you have attempted to download Web Connect data for this account, or if Quicken is unable to recognize the account, you will be prompted to enter the Quicken account you would like to use.
    • If the account already exists in Quicken, click Use an existing Quicken account, and then choose the account from the list provided.
    • If you have not yet created the account you would like to use, click Create a new Quicken account, and then enter the necessary information for the account.
  3. Click the Continue button. your recent account history will be transmitted from your financial institution to your Quicken software. Depending on the amount of information, you may see a progress bar indicating the rate at which the transfer is occurring.
  4. Once the transmission is complete, Quicken will open the Online Center or Online Update Summary. Click Compare to Register or Go to Register. At this window, you can accept your recently downloaded transactions into your Quicken register.

Once you have completed your first download, you can retrieve your Web Connect data by clicking the Update/Send button in the Online Center.

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