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Setting up or updating Mobile Sync with Direct Connect-activated accounts may report a CC-501 or CC-892 in Quicken for Windows. 

Scenario #1: Connection Time-Out

These errors are caused by the timing out of the connection while trying to complete the setup of Mobile Sync. It can also be returned by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) when there's difficulty completing the connection.


  1. Try connecting at different times of the day, to avoid peak traffic periods;
  2. Ensure you don't have other applications attempting to connect/update at the same time, impacting your connection speed;
  3. Ensure your firewall is not blocking QW.exe from internet access;
  4. Confirm with your ISP that they are not blocking QW.exe from internet access.
  5. If you're getting this error on your very first sync (during Setup Mobile Sync), try adding just one account at a time beginning with the account that has the least amount of transactions.
    • Quicken Mobile Sync will only send the most recent 365 days of data for any banking or credit card account. If you are adding just one account to get this process started, make sure you're selecting an account with transactions that have posted within that date range.
    • By adding the "smallest" account first, you're reducing the amount of data being transmitted on this initial sync, allowing the database to be created and reducing the opportunity for a Time Out to occur. You can add your additional accounts after that initial sync by clicking the Edit Accounts link on the Mobile & Alerts tab.

Scenario #2: Enrollment Required With Your Bank

Some banks require enrollment to identify what application(s) connect to their servers. Quicken Mobile Sync would be considered a second instance of Quicken.


  1. See if your bank website has a self-serve section that will allow you to register (or enroll) this second instance to access your accounts on their servers.
  2. Contact the Online Banking Support for your banks for assistance with registering (or enrolling) this second instance to access your accounts, if you're unable to find the self-serve solution.
    • To find the contact information for the Online Banking Support for your bank, look in Tools > Online Center to select the bank name and click the Contact Info link at the top of that screen.
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