Quicken Is Unable To Connect With My Bank After Installing The Subscription Release

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Before you begin: These steps apply to connection issues after upgrading to the latest version, not connection issues after updating to the latest release of your current version. 

If you've recently updated from 2016 to the subscription version of Quicken:

Please follow the first set of steps in this article to resolve the issue: click here

If you've recently updated from 2017 to the subscription version of Quicken:

In some cases, online banking may not function properly after upgrading to the latest version of Quicken. This situation is typically caused by changes in the way online services are handled in the different versions of Quicken. The following procedure shows how to correct this issue.

If you are unable to connect, then your account may need to be deactivated and reactivated. This can be done by following the directions below.

First, deactivate the accounts:

  1. In Quicken, go to Tools > Account List.
  2. Find the account in the list and click Edit.
  3. Click on the Online Services tab.
  4. Click Deactivate. If you receive a message advising that you have transactions to review before you can deactivate the account, but there are no transactions to review, click here
  5. Click Yes on the confirmation prompt.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for each affected account.
  7. When finished, close and reopen Quicken.

Then, reactivate the accounts:

  1. Click the "+" (plus sign) above the Account Bar (or Add Account button at the bottom of the Account Bar in older versions);
  2. Walk through this process as if you were going to add a new account, providing the login credentials and answering any security questions/processes presented, UNTIL you reach the screen where Quicken displays the accounts discovered at the financial institution;
  3. Very carefully LINK each of the found accounts to the appropriate account you already have setup in Quicken.

If you are still having problems downloading, write down the exact error message you're receiving and search for that error in the Search field at the top of this page.

You can check for an exact error message/number by going to Tools > One Step Update Summary. In many cases, you will also have the option to click Learn More for additional information on the error

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