A Positive (Black) Balance in a Credit Card Account

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A positive (black) balance in a credit card account indicates that you have paid more than the amount due and have a credit balance. If your account shows a positive balance when it should not, it may be that duplicate payments were entered or charges were accidentally entered as payments.


To resolve this issue, you need to verify that the transactions in the register are correct.

  1. From your account register, select the Actions gear icon at the upper right of your register (Ctrl + Shift + N).
  2. Select Sorting Options > Sort by Order Entered.
  3. Start at the bottom of the register and scroll up through the transactions to the first transaction with a black number in the Balance column. Review and correct the transaction as needed.
  4. If the balance is still positive, continue scrolling, and review and correct all transactions that show a black number in the Balance column.
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