Quicken 2017 for Mac Release Notes

Quicken for Mac 2017

How to Update Quicken

  1. Select the Quicken 2017 Menu > Check for updates
  2. If an update is available for your software, you'll be presented with the ability to download and install the update.
  3. If you're software is already up-to-date, we'll let you know you're up-to-date and which version you're running.


Release 4.3.0

We continue to add new features to Quicken 2017.

  • NEW: Added the ability to see transaction details by clicking and drilling down on custom report amounts.
  • NEW: Added printing for 12-Month budgets. Re-enabled printing for 1-Month budgets.
  • NEW: Added the ability to set the currency for a budget.
  • NEW: Added a quick way to enter transfers by typing a bracket to display account names in the category field. This is a feature that was in both Quicken 2007 and Windows. Brackets in category names will be converted to parentheses.
  • NEW: Added a new File menu item that allows you to quickly find your file in the Finder.
  • NEW: Added the ability to switch a file to a different Intuit ID.
  • NEW: Redesigned the Account Settings Bill Pay tab.
  • NEW: Added the number 17 to the Quicken app icon to differentiate it from previous versions on the dock.
  • NEW: Added a new Report a Problem feedback form under the Help menu to allow customers to easily send log files to our development team to help us fix issues faster.


We also fixed a number of really important bugs.

  • FIXED: Fixed an issue where an account's currency setting was being changed to US Dollars after syncing.
  • FIXED: Fixed an issue where scheduled transactions in investment accounts weren't showing up under the Bills view.
  • FIXED: Fixed an issue in the new custom reports where the difference values had the incorrect sign.
  • FIXED: Fixed an issue in the new custom reports where the wrong currency symbol would appear.
  • FIXED: Fixed a long standing issue where securities from the same company couldn't be manually entered because Quicken would get confused between the two. For example, selecting GOOGL would get changed to GOOG.
  • FIXED: Fixed another long standing issue where Quicken would double count cash balances in some brokerage accounts because cash was held or reported as a security. This occurred in a number of professionally managed accounts.
  • FIXED: Fixed an issue where the net worth amount appeared over the label after shrinking the sidebar.
  • FIXED: Fixed an issue where the reconcile flag wasn't being recorded on transfer to buy transactions imported from Quicken 2007.
  • FIXED: Fixed an issue where the payee filter didn't work correctly in reports.
  • FIXED: Added missing tool tips to all of the register icons including the pencils and envelopes.
  • FIXED: Fixed the investment day change value so that it resets at midnight.
  • FIXED: Fixed the #1 crashing bug that could occur when converting a Quicken 2007 file and quitting the app after selecting the mobile option.


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