Quicken 2017 for Windows Release Notes, Updates and Mondo Patch

Quicken for Windows
Quicken for Windows 2017

Updates for Quicken 2017 for Windows can be found here, when available.

How to Update Quicken

  1. Select Tools > One Step Update.
  2. Click Update Now.
    • You'll be notified if a Quicken update is available.
    • If your last online session was not completed, you'll see a message to complete the last session before you continue with the update.
    • Quicken displays a window that describes what's in the update, as well as brief instructions for downloading the update.

How to use the Manual Update

If you don't download financial updates from your bank or use Billpay, you can download the manual update.

  1. To download the manual update, click here.
  2. Choose Save File, then browse to your desktop and save it there.
  3. From your desktop, double-click the newly downloaded file QW2017R3Patch.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the update.
  5. When finished, you can verify the release version of Quicken by selecting the Help menu in the software and choosing About Quicken.

Note: The manual patch file size is 8.4MB.

How to use the Mondo Patch Update

If you are unable to update Quicken, or if you receive an error while updating, the Mondo Patch should help.  The Mondo Patch is like a regular update, except it updates all Quicken files (whether updates are needed or not).  If one or more of your Quicken system files gets deleted or is missing, this is patch will replace those files to make sure you're able to complete the update.  Because of its size, this update can take a little longer to install.

Download the Mondo Patch.

Note: The Mondo Patch file size is 124.6MB.

Release 3 (November 2016)

Before you update

Note: If you use Bill Pay or Online Transfers, we recommend you perform a One Step Update before installing an update.



  • FIXED: A Quicken crash when budgets were opened in ‘Graph View’.
  • FIXED: An issue where Quicken would display ‘OOPS’ error when signing with your Quicken ID or creating a new Quicken ID.
  • FIXED: An issue where you would not be able to add or edit an ‘Asset’ account in Deluxe SKU.
  • FIXED: An issue where OSU would display a spinner and not perform any operation.
  • FIXED: An issue where the ‘Red flag’ appeared next to the account even after accepting all transactions and closing Compare to Register.
  • FIXED: Approximately 100 Quicken screen layout issues for large DPI monitors where text was clipped, overwriting content, or missing.
  • FIXED: An issue where Quicken would become unresponsive while adding transactions from the calendar.
  • FIXED: An issue where 'Add Account' button was truncated on the Quicken registration page for a particular resolution.
  • FIXED: UI issues of Quicken for high resolution/DPI settings.

Release R2 (October 2016)

Simplified Password Options

  • IMPROVED: Simplified File Password options with support for local file password or no file password.

Zillow Home Value Estimation

  • IMPROVED: Added support to track addresses from different data files.
  • FIXED: An issue where Quicken was unable to retrieve a Zillow estimate if any value was entered in the apartment number field.
  • FIXED: An issue where the Zillow banner could not be closed.

Mobile Sync: Two Years of Transactions on First Mobile Sync

  • NEW: Two years of transactions are now uploaded during your first mobile sync. (It used to be one year.)


  • FIXED: An issue where transactions were not being categorized, when adding a new account.
  • FIXED: An issue where the "Next" button was disabled on the Product Registration screen even if all required information was entered.
  • FIXED: An issue where you could be asked to enter a password while syncing investment accounts.
  • FIXED: Minor cosmetic issues related to the new design.
  • FIXED: An issue where the Quicken Title Bar wouldn't honor the Windows color setting.
  • FIXED: Issues where some toolbar icons were not working.
  • FIXED: A display issue with the "Category" drop down.
  • FIXED: An issue where the "File open" dialog would not work when trying to restore a backup.
  • FIXED: An issue where the "Next" button had to be clicked twice while adding a reminder.


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Tip: To find out which version of Quicken you are using, open Quicken go to Help menu and select About Quicken.