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You may have questions before and after you purchase the 2017 release of Quicken Canada. Below are some frequently asked questions:

Before You Purchase

  • What’s new in Quicken Canada?
    In addition to the features you’ve come to expect with Quicken Canada, added features in the new version include the Quicken companion mobile app, and automatic updates to make sure you’re always on the newest version of Quicken. Your purchase comes with one year of access to Quicken Connected Services and Quicken Premium Support.
  • Can I use the mobile app with the new Quicken Canada product?
    Yes. Our newest Quicken Canada products will sync your Quicken data with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices through our Quicken Mobile app. You can check your latest accounts balances and spending against your budget, anywhere, anytime, using our mobile companion app. Enter transactions on the fly for instant balance and budget updates.
  • What type of payment do you accept?
    Orders must be charged on a major credit card. Quicken will fulfill orders charged to valid American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa accounts. Be sure to enter your card number, expiration date and personal data accurately. Review this information carefully when your completed order is displayed before submitting it.  
  • I'm experiencing problems using this website.
    Occasionally, this website may not function properly with certain computers and configurations. Try quitting and restarting your internet browser and make sure your browser accepts cookies. If you continue to experience problems, please try to access the website at a later time or contact our Customer Care team to help you with your purchase.
  • Why does Quicken Canada cost more this year?
    New Quicken Canada Connected Services allow you to have continuous access to your bank downloads and the newest product features, so you’ll never have to purchase an upgrade again.
  • I don’t use online banking, do I still need to buy connected services? 
    The new Quicken Canada is designed so that you never go through the upgrade process again. In addition to online banking, you’ll automatically receive new Quicken features, versions, and services as part of your Quicken subscription, so you'll always have the newest product. To provide you with these new features, a subscription to connected services is a required part of your product purchase.


Billing and Account Management

  • How do I get a refund?
    Quicken Canada offers a 30-day money back guarantee. You can request a refund by following the steps in the FAQ here.  If you purchased Quicken more than 30 days ago, you're no longer eligible for a refund.
  • I’m not able to log in to my account.
    If you need help with logging in to your Quicken account, just go to Quicken.com and click Sign In > My Account on the top left of the page. Then, click on “Forgot your login or password” for help signing in to your account.
  • How do I upgrade from Quicken Canada Cash Manager to Quicken Canada Home & Business?
    You can upgrade to Home & Business from within your Cash Manager product. Just go to Help > Unlock Online Services to “unlock” the new features. You will be charged the price difference between the Cash Manager and Home & Business price, and your Home & Business annual subscription starts on the day of your upgrade. You can use the same data file in Quicken Canada Home and Business after upgrading, or start a new file.


Managing your file

  • What happens to my file when my access to Quicken Connected Services ends?
    Your Quicken data file will remain on your computer, and you can continue to access your data even if you choose not to continue with your subscription. You'll no longer have access to connected services, like the ability to download banking transactions or investment quotes, mobile access, or premium care. While you can always access your data, other features of the product may be limited.



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