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Before You Begin

Before You Purchase

  • Can I install Quicken on multiple computers?
    Yes.  You can install Quicken on multiple computers in the same household.  Please note, with Quicken Subscription you will need to sign in with the same Quicken ID on each computer as the membership is linked to your Quicken ID. 
  • How do I install Quicken on more than one computer?
    If you purchased a CD, you can use that same Quicken CD to install Quicken on up to three computers in your household.  The installation will work just as the first installation did.

    If you purchased a download, you can log in to your Quicken.com account from up to three different computers and download Quicken, just as you did with your first installation.  

    Note: we don't recommend sharing or attempting to sync Quicken data files between computers, as this may lead to data file damage.  Our Quicken Mobile App will allow you to view your synced Quicken accounts from several different mobile devices if you choose.

  • How do I upgrade my current version of Quicken?  What is the upgrade price?
    Each time you purchase Quicken, you're purchasing a full Quicken version that will convert your existing Quicken file(s).  There is no specific upgrade, or upgrade pricing, for Quicken, though we do offer periodic purchase discounts to our customers.  For example, if you have Quicken Deluxe 2017 and want to upgrade to the Subscription Release of Quicken Deluxe, you'll purchase a full version of the 2019 release of Quicken Deluxe at the current price.
  • What version of Quicken should I buy to upgrade?
    The easiest way to upgrade is to buy the latest version of your specific Quicken product, or add features by updating to a higher product version; for example, you'd upgrade from Quicken for Windows Deluxe 2016 to Quicken for Windows Deluxe 2017.  NOTE: If you're already using Quicken, you won't be able to upgrade to the Windows Starter Edition, unless you're already using the Windows Starter Edition. For example, you can move from Starter Edition 2016 to Starter Edition 2017, but not from Deluxe 2016 to the Windows Starter Edition 2017. You should also be sure to buy the product that works with your operating system; there are several versions of Quicken for Windows and for Mac.
  • What type of payment do you accept?
    Orders must be charged on a major credit card. Quicken will fulfill orders charged to valid American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa accounts. Be sure to enter your card number, expiration date and personal data accurately. Review this information carefully when your completed order is displayed before submitting it.  
  • I am experiencing problems using this website.
    Occasionally, this website may not function properly with certain computers and configurations. Try quitting and restarting your internet browser and make sure your browser accepts cookies. If you continue to experience problems, please try to access the website at a later time or contact our Customer Care team to help you with your purchase.

Sales Tax Questions

  • How does Quicken calculate sales tax charges?

    The sales tax charged for an individual transaction is based on the Ship-To address, which is defined as the location where the product is ultimately to be shipped/sent.* The applicable sales tax charged is based on the ZIP code within the specific state where the product has been sent.

    The amount charged will include all state, county, and local taxes as required by law. In most cases, these taxes will apply to the shipping and handling fee as well as the product price.

    * Quicken does not collect sales tax on products shipped to Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon, as these five states do not currently impose a sales tax.

  • Why does Quicken collect sales tax on Internet sales? Didn't Congress pass a law prohibiting this?

    Although Quicken does generate a large portion of multi-state sales via the Internet, Quicken does business in each state and the taxing authorities of the individual states have previously determined that Quicken has a legal presence (commonly referred to as "Nexus") in their respective states. Therefore, Quicken is required to collect and remit the applicable sales tax for all taxable transactions in their state.

    Congress did pass a moratorium on taxable transactions that are generated exclusively through the Internet. However, any company that already has Nexus in a state (such as Quicken) is still required to conform to existing state laws regarding collecting and remitting sales tax on taxable transactions that occur in that state.

  • Why do you collect sales tax on the shipping and handling fee?

    Although some states do not require sales tax on a separately stated, reasonable shipping charge, this charge is generally regarded as taxable when it is combined with a handling fee.

    Because Quicken charges a shipping and handling fee, applicable sales tax* is collected on this fee, in addition to the tangible product.

    * Excluding Idaho, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Oklahoma, as these four states do not currently require sales tax on the shipping and handling fee.

After You Purchase

  • How do I change or cancel my order?

    If you placed your order for Quicken online, you may be able to cancel it online. If you placed your order online within the last 45 minutes, a cancel button will appear on the Order Details page once you have signed in to the Order Status tool. Click the Cancel button to cancel your order. If your order has passed the point of online cancellation, you will not see the Cancel button.

    If you did not place your order online or you placed your online order more than 45 minutes ago, you can submit a request to Cancel an Order if the items have not been shipped. Please view our Return Policy for instructions if your order has already shipped and you would like to return your order.

    Once a portion of your order has been fulfilled, you can no longer cancel your order online. For orders that have been partially fulfilled, please contact Customer Care.

    Note: Orders containing products that are downloads or unlocks cannot be cancelled online. To request a refund for a download or unlock order, please see our return policy for instructions.

  • I ordered two products but only one product arrived.
    Quicken products ship at different times. If you placed an order for two products that ship at different times, the product that is available immediately (or available first) will be shipped first; the second product will be shipped later when it is available. Quicken charges one shipping charge per order; you will not be charged more than once for an order that has products that ship at different times.
  • How do I edit my account information?

    If you have set up an account, you can update your billing/shipping address and contact information including your e-mail, plus your payment information, at any time by visiting the My Account page.

    Please note: Quicken does not share your contact information with third parties for their promotional use. We may, however, use your contact information to send you special offers about products or services that may benefit you. If you would prefer not to receive this information, please select your contact preferences by visiting https://www.quicken.com/privacy.


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