Quicken sounds are not functioning

Quicken for Windows
Quicken for Windows 2014
Quicken for Windows 2015
Quicken for Windows 2016
Quicken for Windows 2017

This issue resolution works for all currently supported Windows operating systems and Quicken Windows product versions.
If you are using a different Quicken version or are on a different Windows operating system, see No Signature Quicken Sound (FAQ GEN82756).


We have updated the Sounds that Quicken uses so that they are more compatible with Windows. To update your system:

Step 1: Rename the Quicken Sounds folder

  1. Click your Windows Start icon
  2. Choose Computer or File Explorer (depending on your version of Windows)
  3. Double-click your (C:) drive
  4. Double-click Program Files (32-bit) or Program Files x86 (64-bit)
  5. Double-click the Quicken folder
  6. Right-click the Sounds folder and choose Rename
  7. Rename the folder to OLDSounds
  8. Close the explorer window

Step 2: Replace the Files

  1. Download the appropriate replacement file here:

Sounds for 32-bit

Sounds for 64-bit

  1. Choose Save File, then browse to your desktop and save it there.
  2. Right-click the file on your Desktop
  3. Choose Run As Administrator
  4. Choose Yes if prompted with "allow changes" message
  5. Click the Unzip button
  6. Click OK to the message "18 files unzipped successfully"
  7. Click the Close button

Note: There are postings at various sites that indicate there are other issues with sounds on Windows.
If the steps provided here fail to resolve your issue, please explore other possible resolutions from Microsoft, Creative Labs or your system manufacturer.